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The Manufactory

Ulf Kollross
The Manufactory

Taste by Leonel

The use of special tobaccos and fermentation processes give the Leonel blends their multifaceted aroma.

Selecting tobaccos wisely and then creating Leonel Blends to personal taste and with an own concept is the secret behind the very high manufacturing quality attained in the production of Leonel Cigar brands.

Permanent interaction with the master blenders guarantees the consistent excellent quality of Leonel Cigars and its characteristic fascinating taste worthy of the label “Taste of Excellence”.


In our opinion, “Taste of Excellence” stands for a truly unique taste, which lingers on after the smoke and makes me look forward to the next cigar in eager anticipation.
— Daniel Höldke, Owner of Leonel Cigars


Tobaccos from 9 countries and more than 20 provenances

The area chosen for the manufacture of Leonel Cigars depends on where the biggest part of tobaccos used for the cigars come from. Leonel Cigars are therefore manufactured in two locations:

Leonel Original and the L-Series are made in the Dominican Republic.

Leonel No.511, Terre Rouge, P-Series and Rare are produced in Nicaragua.

The tobaccos used for Leonel Cigars come from 9 different countries and more than 20 different cultivation provenances.

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