Ulf Kollross

The Leonel Story

Ulf Kollross
The Leonel Story

Leonel Cigars was founded by Norbert and Daniel Höldke in 2010 – a cigar brand fashioned to their personal taste. Father and son share the same passion for smoking cigars as both are in the cigar business in the second and third generation. Their enthusiasm for cigars took them to several tobacco cultivating countries where they visited numerous manufacturers.

Many an Aficionado dream of creating an own blend. Norbert Höldke and his Son Daniel made their dream come true in starting their own cigar project in Nicaragua.

It was the beginning of the Leonel Cigar brand based on a concept defined by them. Their very own cigar composition, manufactured as an exclusive Boutique Blend.


The world of tobaccos

In Esteli in Nicaragua and Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic they delved deep into the world of tobaccos and were introduced to the intricacies in the creation of fine cigars by experienced cigar manufacturers and tobacco producers.

On these visits, Daniel and Norbert Höldke tested raw tobaccos and learnt much about the difference in tobaccos fermented for various lengths of time and fresh tobacco crops. They tried numerous wrapper tobaccos in combination with filler blends; smoking with master blenders of well-known manufactories in Esteli to develop a wide and critical understanding of blends.

In Esteli they were introduced to many interesting personalities from the cigar community and experienced the warmth and hospitality, the relaxed atmosphere so typical for these regions.


Leonel Cigars – exclusive cigars in small editions

Several months passed and many different tastings followed before the first blend was ready for production.

Own tobaccos were bought and used to produce Leonel Cigars in the manufactory in Esteli, Nicaragua. Norbert and Daniel Höldke personally brought the first Leonel cigars along to Germany to present their new brand at the Inter-Tabac in Dortmund.

At the tobacco trade show, Leonel Cigars aroused the interest of many cigar aficionados as well as cigar distributors, so much so that currently Leonel Cigars are on sale in more than 150 of the top cigar stores in Germany and in many European countries.


Leonel Cigar Range – Blends for aficionados

As the demand and popularity of the brand increased Norbert and Daniel Höldke decided to create further blends, fuller in taste, using different and to a certain extent very rare tobaccos.

With diligence, endurance and in close cooperation with the manufacturers in the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua father and son established the Leonel Cigar brand. 90 % of the capacity at the manufactory in Esteli, Nicaragua where the No.511, Terre Rouge and P-Series are made, is utilized for the production of Leonel Cigars.

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