Ulf Kollross

Leonel L-Series

Ulf Kollross
Leonel L-Series

Mild, creamy aromas are at the centre of the Leonel L-Series blend. The L-Series by Leonel are made in the Dominican Republic and have mild Dominican tobaccos in the filler, accentuating the classic Dominican taste.

A golden-brown Connecticut Shade Wrapper adds the finishing touch to this cigar; a blend popular with aficionados, those who smoke cigars occasionally for the love of it, as well as beginners.



Perla, Panatela, Corona, Robusto and Gran Robusto


Strength: 2

Aromas: creamy

Origin: Dominican Republic


The L-Series has become “everybody’s darling”. Mild and creamy in taste, this cigar can be enjoyed anytime of the day and is also recommendable for beginners.
— Norbert Höldke, Owner of Leonel Cigars, on the L-Series

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