Ulf Kollross

Leonel Pioneers Tasting

Ulf Kollross
Leonel Pioneers Tasting

Catch a glimpse of what is going on behind the scenes at Leonel Cigars.

At this event you get an even deeper insight into the World of Premium cigars and tobaccos. You get more detailed information on the production of cigars, how a blend is put together, how and why certain tobaccos are combined and how all these aspects play a role in the creation of a unique aroma.

Two very special premium Leonel Cigars are reserved for participants at this event on the Leonel Taste of Excellence Tour: Two new blends, “fresh” from the master blender’s workshop, for you to taste - cigars that have not gone into production yet.

Find out which tobaccos were used for these prototypes and test the cigars yourself.



Catch a glimpse of the blending workshop of Leonel Cigars with a special tasting only for participants of this event.


Cigars of the tour

Leonel Series – a range

Pioneers Selection No.1

Pioneers Selection No.2

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